JHipster 踩坑之旅(1)-Installing JHipster

Installing JHipster

for Mac OS 10.13.3
     前提已经安装了Node.js,为了使用它的包管理工具npm(nodejs package manager),有了它后面的事情就简单多了。
     安装Yeoman的“脚手架” –> “yo”:npm install -g yo
     安装Yeoman的包管理器“bower”:npm install -g bower
     安装Yeoman最新的构建工具“gulp” (原来使用grunt):npm install -g gulp
     最后,安装JHipster的Generator:npm install -g generator-jhipster
     新建一个文件夹,例如:mkdir jhipsterTest
cd jhipsterTest
创建 jhipster 应用: yo jhipster
     1. Which *type* of application would you like to create?(您想要创建哪种*类型*的应用程序?)
           Monolithic application (recommended for simple projects)(整体应用程序:更易于使用和开发)

           Microservice application(微服务程序:在微服务架构中,这是服务之一。)

           Microservice gateway(微服务网关:在微服务体系结构中,这是一个路由和保护请求的边缘服务器。)

           JHipster UAA server (for microservice OAuth2 authentication)(JHipster UAA服务器:在微服务体系结构中,这是一个安全微服务的OAuth2 身份验证服务器)

     2. What is the base name of your application? (jhipsterTest)(你的应用程序名称是什么)

           默认使用 jhipsterTest

     3. What is your default Java package name?(您的默认Java包名称是什么)

           个人Java包名,这里举例为 com.cqhpoldi.jhipster

     4. Do you want to use the JHipster Registry to configure, monitor and scale your application?(您是否想使用JHipster注册表来配置,监控和扩展您的应用程序?)
           No. 测试工程 不必要使用JHipster注册表监控
     5. Which *type* of authentication would you like to use?(您希望使用哪种*类型的身份验证)
           JWT authentication (stateless, with a token)(JWT身份验证(无状态,带有令牌))

           OAuth 2.0 / OIDC Authentication (stateful, works with Keycloak and Okta)(OAuth 2.0 / OIDC身份验证(有状态,适用于Keycloak和Okta))

           HTTP Session Authentication (stateful, default Spring Security mechanism)(HTTP会话身份验证(有状态,默认的Spring安全机制))

     6. Which *type* of database would you like to use?(你想使用哪种类型的数据库?)

           SQL (H2, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL)



           [BETA] Couchbase

     7. Which *production* database would you like to use?(您希望使用哪种*生产*数据库?)




           Oracle (Please follow our documentation to use the Oracle proprietary driver)

           Microsoft SQL Server

     8. Which *development* database would you like to use?(您希望使用哪个* development *数据库?)

           H2 with disk-based persistence

           H2 with in-memory persistence


     9. Do you want to use the Spring cache abstraction?(你想使用Spring缓存抽象吗?)

           Yes, with the Ehcache implementation (local cache, for a single node)(是的,通过Ehcache实现(本地缓存,用于单个节点))

           Yes, with the Hazelcast implementation (distributed cache, for multiple nodes)(是的,使用Hazelcast实现(分布式缓存,用于多个节点)

           [BETA] Yes, with the Infinispan (hybrid cache, for multiple nodes)(是的,使用Infinispan(混合缓存,适用于多个节点))

           No (when using an SQL database, this will also disable the Hibernate L2 cache)(否(当使用SQL数据库时,这也会禁用Hibernate L2缓存))

     10. Do you want to use Hibernate 2nd level cache? (Y/n) (你想使用Hibernate二级缓存吗?)


     11. Would you like to use Maven or Gradle for building the backend?(你想使用Maven还是Gradle来构建后端?)



     12. Which other technologies would you like to use?(您想使用哪些其他技术?)(多选)

            ◯ Social login (Google, Facebook, Twitter)

            ◯ Search engine using Elasticsearch

           ◯ WebSockets using Spring Websocket

            ◯ API first development using swagger-codegen

            ◯ Asynchronous messages using Apache Kafka


     13. Which *Framework* would you like to use for the client?(您希望为客户端使用哪个* Framework *)

           Angular 5

           AngularJS 1.x

     14. Would you like to enable *SASS* support using the LibSass stylesheet preprocessor(您想使用LibSass样式表预处理器启用* SASS *支持吗?)


     15. Would you like to enable internationalization support?(你想启用国际化支持吗?)


     16. Please choose the native language of the application(请选择应用程序的母语)


     17. Please choose additional languages to install(请选择其他语言进行安装)(多选)

           Chinese (Simplified)

     18. Besides JUnit and Karma, which testing frameworks would you like to use?(除了JUnit和Karma,你想使用哪种测试框架?)(多选)

           ◉ Gatling

           ◯ Cucumber

           ◉ Protractor

     19. Would you like to install other generators from the JHipster Marketplace?(你想从JHipster Marketplace安装其他生成器吗?)


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